Promotional Works Fundraising is a leading full-service company offering fundraising and promotional Products. Promotional Works Fundraising been in business since 1993 offering groups of all sizes to raise funds for a variety of needs and causes.

Promotional Works is a promotional and fundraising product distributor. Fundraising products make up a nearly $4.164 billion in annual retail sales in the Industry and every fundraising groups including schools, PTAs, clubs, youth sports leagues and other non-profit organizations raised nearly $2 billion in profit annually by selling merchandise (fundraising products) to the public to support their cause and needs.

We offer variety of fundraising products and programs. All items you find in this website are the most popular items that are being used by various groups. Promotional Works will continue to add popular fundraising products and programs to this website, which provide more products or services chose from.

No matter what type of organization you have, Promotional Works creative team with years of experience in fundraising are standing by to work with you closely on finding the right fundraising solution including product or program that works for your group to achieve their financial goal.

Promotional Works mission is to help you create long-lasting relationships with your donors and contributors through the power of promotional and fundraising products and services.