Brochure fundraiser is a very profitable, easy and "no upfront money" for various groups. Offering products from great choice of color brochures to family, friends, neighbors and business associates. 

Promotional Works Fundraising will provide order-taker a free brochure, order form and cash collection envelope for each member of your group. They show their brochures to friends and family and take orders for the brochure fundraising product you have chosen to sell.

Order-Taker with Brochures is simple to run by doing these steps:

1) Choose your brochure for sellers in your group;
2) Each Seller collect funds upfront;
3) After 2-3 weeks of sales, send us your full order and you keep the profit.
4) Products will be shipped to you, which you’ll distribute to your supporters.

Here at Promotional Works Fundraising, we take the time to choose and offer best brochures available in the fundraising industry. The brochure have been selected  to engage supporters and grow sales. Picking the right brochure is as important as picking the right fundraising solution. If you can't find what you are looking for, Promotional Works Fundraising have other solutions including customized brochures.